MEET OUR TEAM, EMMA KEMPEN This is Emma Kempen, our new Marketing Intern. Emma is 22, Dutch and has lived in France since she was very little. She is currently doing her Masters in Integrated Marketing at NYU School of Professional Studies in New York City. Her majors are Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics. At NYU, Emma is learning everything there is to know about setting up campaigns for all types of companies. Emma explains; “marketing has always been a passion of mine; the impact it has on society and individuals, the messages it can spread and the emotions that can be depicted. I grew up reading fashion magazines and always loved analysing the marketing strategies that

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Everything you need to know about a good Customer’s Journey


All you need to know about a good customer’s journey Your potential customer follows a certain route when it comes to your business and before they buy something. In this blogpost, everything about the Customer’s Journey.

Everything you need to know about a good Customer’s Journey2020-05-27T14:39:43+02:00

Why Woman in Marketing?


Why Woman in Marketing? Sometimes people ask me, why Woman in Marketing, don’t you work with male marketers?

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Prejudice in Marketing


Prejudice in Marketing The majority of my potential clients are pretty up-to-date about latest trends and activities within marketing but they don’t really understand that marketing has grown to an entire industry.

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Using Instagram for your business


Using Instagram for your business Some clients ask me if they need to be active on social media like Instagram to generate more leads or sales.

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Hi! I’m Robin and this is Woman in Marketing


Hi! 🙋🏼‍♀️I’m Robin and this is Woman In Marketing. Hi! I’m Robin and this is Woman In Marketing. Being in the marketing industry for a couple years now I have found that businesses have common interests. 

Hi! I’m Robin and this is Woman in Marketing2020-01-09T18:42:19+01:00
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