All you need to know about a good customer’s journey

Your potential customer follows a certain route when it comes to your business and before they buy something. In this blogpost, everything about the Customer’s Journey.

In most cases, they don’t know your company or brand. It’s important that your potential clients trust you and that they’ll choose for your company.

The customer journey is about at least four fases – there are a lot of opinions about the amount of fases, but the basics are:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Loyalty


In this fase, the potential client will see your company fort he first time. In this fase, it’s important that they’ll know who you are, what you do and what your brand values are. You could do that, by inspiring people. For example, use several social media accounts or a blog to share knowledge and write about your story – storytelling. Don’t make your posts on social media too long, make sure it’s clear. And if you have a longer posts, just cut it in pieces and post it in three different posts – like we do with this subject.


The next fase is Consideration. This is the fase where the client knows your company, what you do and what your brand values are. They’re probably going to compare your company to others. People do that by comparing prices, websites and reviews. New clients will take more time to purchase something.

To make sure that they’ll choose you, you have to build their trust. You can do that by joining industry organizations, by sharing reviews of satisfied customers or by writing articles and share knowledge. We recommend you to use CTA’s – Call To Actions. To make sure that the potential client can contact you whenever they have questions or feel the need to get in contact. Also, make sure that there is an option to subscribe for a newsletter.


During this fase, people have chosen for you and your company and they want to buy something. It’s important that everything on the order- and paymentprocess is working perfectly fine, because the last thing you want to happen is that they’re interested in buying something and it won’t work. You can implement a chatfunction for example so that people can contact you whenever something isn’t working properly or whenever they have questions. It’s also very important to describe the whole order and payment process, so that they know what they can expect. Make sure that there’s no doubt.


In the last fase, loyalty, it’s important to make an ambassadeur from your client. They’ve purchased a product or they’ve had one of your services, and they’re happy. Let them say something about you, by asking for a review. Because, word to mouth marketing is really valueble. You could ask the client after your service or after receiving the product, to write a review on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google. If you like it, share it on your website as well!

There are multiple email campaign programs you could use for those automatic emails. It saves a lot of time when implemented and you’ll receive so many reviews and input.

The key for a perfect customer journey? Prevent them of dropping out to make sure that everything works perfectly and implement everything as good as possible. Also, take a look at your Analytics, it’ll tell you a lot about the behavior of your website visitors. For exmaple, if a large group of vistors is leaving your website on a specific page – which is not meant for leaving. Then you’ll know that there is something wrong.

My tip? Check your customer journey on a regular base. Check the payment and order journey and let other people do that for you. Keep learning and optimazing.

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